Kids in Art Class


What are the costs?

Costs vary on size of Pod. The more students in the Pod, the more cost efficient. Please visit our pricing page for details on costs.

Will the teacher be a licensed K-8 teacher? 

All of the educators are highly qualified; K-8, K-6 and some also hold a special education license.

Will the teacher follow a curriculum?

Yes, our educators will specifically target the curriculum that corresponds to your child's district. If there are any additional requests or targets, the instructor will implement that as well based on parent input. Our educators will also assess learners based on weekly assessments to ensure growth in curriculum (ELA, Math). If a child appears to struggle with that skill, our educator will provide extra support in targeting that specific area.

Where does material taught come from?

The material utilized is based on your child's current curriculum and remote learning work. However, the educator may provide additional supplementary materials to help facilitate meaningful instruction. Our educators will implement the work that is sent home during "remote learning" days as well as target homework. The purpose of this pod is to provide support and instruction during "self-directed" days. Our goal is for our learners to receive structured instruction as if they were in school.

Will new material be taught?

The sessions will be based on the curriculum so students will be instructed on review of previously learned materials but taught new material as well based on current curriculum. Our educators will use informal assessment procedures to determine pacing of instruction.

Is it enrichment or if possible may we move forward?

Our goal is to provide instruction for new skills as well as provide enrichment on previously learned skills.

Are there enrollment deadlines?

No, we are taking pods on a rolling basis. Once you have your pod, we will pair your pod with the most effective educator based on need and grade level.